Latifè Birenheide

Artist - Paintress

Works mainly with paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, mixed media and video art
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About The Artist


Latifè Birenheide came to Frankfurt from Istanbul in 1969 together with her family at the age of five. After graduation and 15 years nursing practise, Latifè decided to dedicate herself to painting full time and became a freelance artist in 1995. Her love for painting, developed already during her childhood, was now free to find full expression. Latifè’s experience in working with people of all ages encompassing all their joy and sorrow is contributing to a style of art which is eclectic and inspiring. In 2007 Latifè moved with her family to Brussels and continued her professional career in Belgium.


Only one year after becoming a professional artist, Latifè held her first solo exhibition in 1996, which was very well recognised. Her creativity and prolific work lead to a succession of over 20 exhibitions during the subsequent years including in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Brussels (Tervuren), Italy (Chianciano), Berlin and London.


Latifè’s main material is acrylic on canvas or paper and aquarelle but also sculpturing, photography and video art. The spectrum of her art reaches from romantic aquarelles to provoking, sociocritical paintings in powerful colours, making use of either figurative or abstract expressions. Her inspiration is taken from real life, embracing the challenges we have to facing every day of our lives.